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Our Faculty

The strongest pillar of ISBM is its intellectual capital. The faculty here is a harmonious blending between academia and industry and has a passion for training and research. The names of faculty members with their areas of specialization are mentioned below:

Core Faculty

Visiting Faculty

Prof (Dr.) Sridhar Panda
M.A (Eco), M. Phil, Ph. D (JNU)
Area: Economics & International Business

Swati Bhatnagar
M. Sc (Maths) Area: Quantitative Methods & Marketing Research

Naveen Kapoor
B. Sc, MBA
Area: Marketing & IT

Anuj  Rani
B. Tech, M. Tech , MBA
Area: Statistics & IT

Anshu Kamboj
B. Tech, MBA
Area: Marketing & Human Resources Management

Sheehali Gandhi
Area: Marketing & Human Resources Management

Abhilasha Ahlawat
Area: Finance & Business Law

Meenal Pahawa
B.Tech. MBA, Ph.D (Pursuing)
Area: Human Resources and IT

Meenakshi Yadav
Area: Human Resources and Marketing

Monika Maratha
Area: Human Resources and Marketing

Rosaleen Mishra
Area: Marketing & Communication

Prashant Vashista,
Area: Marketing

Deepak Lalchandani,
Area: Business Communication

Parveen Narang
M.Com,CFA, M.S(Finance),M.Phil
Area: Finance

Pankaj Sharma
Area: Human Resources and Marketing

Dr. Vinod Dumblekar
Visiting Faculty at MDI, Gurgaon MBA, Ph.D, Senior Consultant

Ashutosh Dutt
B.E, PGDM-MICA Adjunct Faculty, MICA, Ahmedabad

Guest Faculty

Dr. Manjula Shyam
Ex. Director, International Programs Yale school of Management, USA

Prof. (Dr.) Suresh Prasad Singh
Ph.D. (Geology) Hon. Ph. D. (Cal), Hon D.A. Former Vice Chancellor, VKS Univ. Ara, Bihar

Dr. Surya P Mohanty
VP & Head (Research) Johnson & Johnson, USA

Dr. Ajay Kumar Rathore
Dean, Technia Institute of Advanced Studies, New Delhi

Dr. Kaushik Prakash
Adjunct Professor of Management University of Massachusetts, USA

Dr. S. K. Bhattacharya
Ex-Dean, (MDI) Gurgaon


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